Remnants is an ongoing series of art objects derived from sketches and jewelry, often using technologies such as laser cutting and CNC routing. This work includes wall pieces with altered images of jewelry and the actual work represented in the wall pieces. The jewelry is displayed similarly to the corresponding wall pieces. The silver jewelry was created first and then photographed on the body. Fragments of those images were outlined using vectors, laser cut, enlarged and then buried in layers of paint on Baltic birch panels. The panels are held parallel and slightly off the wall by a wooden structure instead of a traditional frame. The edges and the back of the panels are visible, the layering of the paint left exposed along with the layers of the Baltic birch plywood. The panels are displayed as diptychs of mirror images. The jewelry is displayed on a sculptural base and at a slight angle. It rests around a raised oval that mimics the curve of the image in the wall piece. The display is created in a similar fashion to the wall pieces. The panels are meant as architectural remnants representing the physicality of forgotten moments. The imagery exists as a remnant; a trace memory of something that wasn’t recorded or noticed enough to be remembered; something forgotten. What remains is what once was present and cherished and found again through the visual inspection of the work. They are images meant to contemplate the interaction with the human body; when jewelry is no longer on the body. Whereas the actual jewelry becomes static the remnant retains its motion.