Zhou B Art Center Chicago, IL

November, 2013

“Cohesion is the action of forming a whole from smaller particles that join together. The exhibition Cohesion demonstrates how an artist pulls from their past examination of techniques, along with current influences joining together to create a whole, or in this case works of art.” Christine Forni


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I do . . . Do I?

whole piece- mini copy

Bloomington, IN

This work contemplates the different possibilities that form a relationship. It is a composition of two sets of silver rings with multiple brooches laser cut in acrylic. The brooches are based on images of the rings; the silhouettes of the brooches encompass the images of the rings and their shadow.
The pairs of rings, one smaller and thin walled; the other – slightly bigger and more substantial, frame the composition.
The brooches in between picture the two rings together, clear and transparent, and single rings in varying shades of black, white, and clear.
The format of the brooches alludes to our varying perceptions as we work within and towards a collaborative relationship.

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